16/06/2022 – Scottish nationalists can’t rely on demographic change to deliver independence

19/05/2022 – As English identity declines, will British nationalism be activated in England as it has in Scotland and Wales?

11/05/2022 – How might the 2021 Senedd election have looked under the proposed new system?

22/03/2022 – Transnational social connectedness and the 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union

19/03/2022 – People are surprisingly good at predicting local election results

31/01/2022 – 2021 Metro Mayor Elections: Labour narrowly gained from the Conservatives while losing to “Did Not Vote”

21/12/2021 – Joint opposition lists help un-skew the Hungarian electoral system, but they’ll still need a 3% lead to win

23/11/2021 – Shopping around: 70% expect to vote for more than one party in future

22/09/2021 – Road crack detection with stacked neural networks

09/09/2021 – The Greens’ path to breakthrough runs through the Labour Party

27/08/2021 – Five Lessons from the Metro Mayor Elections

13/04/2021 – Labour stands to gain in the Metro Mayor Elections

26/03/2021 – If the Alba Party gets more than 5%, it could be catastrophic for unionist parties (but it probably won’t)

17/03/2021 – Weaver Vale Constituency Labour Party becomes the 166th to back PR, one quarter of all CLPs

16/02/2021 – Which states should have the first four primaries? The case for picking the weirdest ones

03/01/2021 – What’s up with the Sunday Times MRP projection?

30/12/2020 – What can mapping a Hungarian by-election tell us about authoritarianism?

28/12/2020 – Uniform swing outperformed state polls for the first time in US polling history in 2020

04/09/2020 – Bijlmer: Back to the City of the Future

11/08/2020 – Classifying Parliamentary Constituencies by Petition Signatures

31/07/2020 – Coronavirus, Individualism and Social Solidarity

16/04/2020 – Thesis: Moving the Goalposts: Orbán’s Fidesz, Strategies of Party Competition and Electoral Authoritarianism

3/04/2020 – Proportional Representation: a Catalyst for Sustainable Policies?

16/08/2019 – Peterloo led eventually to electoral democracy – but there’s one big bit of unfinished business

15/08/2019 – Peterloo 200: the path to Proportional Representation

21/07/2019 – New York Times – U.K. Voters’ Frustration High as 99% Are Sidelined in Prime Minister Election

04/06/2019 – Debate: will a PR model provide the desired political system?

31/05/2019 – What if UK European Elections were held under the 1994 FPTP system?

23/04/2019 – Tactical voting on the basis of the 2014 European Elections

21/03/2019 – The Impact of Electoral Systems on Economic Democracy in Developed Democracies

13/03/2019 – Greens for a Better Europe – Twenty Years of UK Green Influence in the European Union

28/02/2019 – Labour Should Put Post-16 Education at the Heart of its National Education Service

25/02/2019 – Greens for a Better Europe – Book

22/02/2019 – How Labour Can Seize The Initiative From The Independent Group

12/02/2019 – Why Trade Unions Need to Make Votes Matter

15/01/2019 – OULC Term Card Hilary 2019

10/01/2018 – Labour4PR: Invite a speaker and call for electoral reform!

31/12/2018 – Oxford Climate Review: Out of Proportion

12/10/2018 – Why our media is wrong to say proportional representation helps the extreme right

23/10/2018 – The case for mandatory reselection

20/10/2018 – Why is the Labour Party machine ignoring members on voting reform?

14/08/2018 – Greens overtake AfD in Germany: why does the British media report European elections so badly?

12/08/2018 – Oxford Labour calls for Proportional Representation

11/08/2018 – A tram system for Truro

17/07/2018 – A reluctant case for a People’s Vote

5/07/2018 – Less Than a Third of Adults Believe Britain’s Democracy is Worth Celebrating

4/07/2018 – Make Votes Matter Polling, 8th-11th June 2018

16/06/2018 – Meet the Movement: Make Votes Matter and the Fight for Proportional Representation

3/05/2018 – Why voter ID checks are a threat to British democracy

13/04/2018 – I Wouldn’t Be At Oxford If My Parents Couldn’t Afford My Bus Pass, Which Is Why Labour’s New Policy is Crucial

22/03/2018 – First Past The Post Is An Open Invitation To Malicious Online Interference

15/08/2018 – The left stands for the many – so we must embrace proportional representation

25/04/2017 – General election 2017: ‘This is the first time I can vote – and it will be wasted’

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