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I have experience on a wide range of projects, from major donor prospecting to elections analysis to computer vision. I am particularly focussed on communicating insights with data visualisation, workshops, briefings, reports and the in the media.

I am currently available to work on part-time/one-off data analysis and research projects.

I would definitely recommend Owen if you are looking for somebody to help you with anything data related, his understanding of complex data sources show that he is more than capable to aid you in understanding a wide range of data.

Maarten Sukel, Artificial Intelligence Lead at the City of Amsterdam


I am a postgraduate researcher at the University of Bristol, studying Advanced Quantitative Methods with the Quantitative Spatial Science group. I am also a co-founder and director of Make Votes Matter, the campaign for Proportional Representation. Before joining the University of Bristol, I studied History and Politics at Jesus College, Oxford and data science at the University of Amsterdam. In my free time, I enjoy running and cold water swimming.

It’s a pleasure working with Owen who manages to communicate complexity and data in ways which are accessible to those who don’t have the same experience as him working with data. His impressive technical knowledge is really powerful though because it is combined with an excellent understanding of what is going on in UK politics, including polling and elections as well as strong analytical skills and great instinct about what makes political parties tick.

Laura Parker, Strategic Advisor to Labour for a New Democracy and former National Coordinator of Momentum


I have significant experience in political campaigning. I co-founded Make Votes Matter and have worked as a campaigner, spokesperson and researcher for the campaign at different points since 2016. I was a researcher for the Labour for a New Democracy campaign in 2021, contributing to op-eds, interventions and briefings.

I have also worked on a wide range of data projects. In 2021, I completed the Artificial Intelligence Internship with the City of Amsterdam, detecting road cracks using image recognition. As a consultant data analyst, I have worked on mailing list analysis, for donor prospecting; elections analysis, such as estimating the effects of progressive cooperation and projecting the Welsh Senedd elections under new electoral rules; public opinion research, especially using the British Election Study. For each project, a particular focus is communicating insights with a broader audience, whether that is within an organisation, through workshops, talks or reports, or externally in social and traditional media.

Owen is fantastically intelligent, knowledgeable, capable and wise beyond his years. He is always an absolute delight to work with.

Klina Jordan, Chief Executive of Make Votes Matter


I am available to work on part-time or one-off data analysis or research projects. I am always keen to hear ideas and see where I can help:

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